The PADI Tec 50 course is the final step in the three part deep diver program.  During the PADI Tec 50 course you will extend your limits to a maximum depth of 165 feet.  You will also learn to manage two decompression gases up to 100% oxygen.  Using these gases will allow you to increase your bottom time and complete extended accelerated decompression.

The PADI Tec 50 course takes 4 days to complete and involves the following:
  • Technical dive theory review.
  • Comprehensive dive planning utilizing desktop decompression software.
  • Practical sessions that cover technical diving gear and its setup.
  • A confined water training session where you learn and master new skills.
  • One open water training dive where you practice skills and run simulated decompression.
  • Two open water decompression dives where you get to visit a site few people see and stay longer to explore more.
  • Age 18 or older.
  • PADI Tec 45 Diver (or equivalent).
  • Have a minimum of at least 100 logged dives, with the following minimums:
    • 20 Enriched Air dives deeper that 60 feet.
    • 15 dives deeper than 100 feet.
  • Medical form signed by a physician within the past year.
  • Sidemount Diver (if completing in sidemount gear configuration).
What’s Included:
  • Instruction, certification fees, confined water dive, rental tanks and weights, and gas fills.
  • Students are responsible for charter fees, materials, and all additional gear.  Please see below for a list of required gear as well as gear available for rent.
  • Private instruction is available, contact us for details: 516-840-8750 or

Technical gear differs from your recreational setup.  Before making any purchases, it is highly recommended that you arrange a gear consultation or discuss it with your instructor.  All gear must meet requirements for the course.

1 – Backplate, harness, and dual bladder wing.
2 – Main tank regulators set up for technical diving.*
2 – Deco regulators (oxygen compatible).*
 1 – Large DSMB or 75+lb lift bag (orange preferred).
2 – Reels or spools with a minimum of 100 feet of line.
1 – Secondary DSMB or lift bag.
2 – Dive computers  (one must be multi gas capable). 
1 – Exposure protection suitable to environment.* 
1 – Fins suitable to technical diving (split fins and full foot fins are not recommended).
2 – Cutting devices (knife / Z-knife / shears).
1 – 3 page wrist slate and one (1) set of wetnotes.
1 – Light as needed for the deeper open water dives.
2 – Dive masks.*
1 – Compass.
1 – Audible surface signaling device such as a whistle.
Laptop computer, tablet, or phone with desktop deco software ( ex: Multi Deco).

* Avaliable for rent

Tanks and weights are included with the class fees.  If you have your own you wish to use please discuss this with your instructor.  Tanks must meet the course requirements.

Continue your Tec journey today!

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