Megladon Rebreather

Megladon Rebreather or “The Meg”

The Megladon Rebreather is loved by divers of varying skill levels.  While fundamentally designed to handle the most rigorous of dive situations, Meg divers enjoy diving the units on recreational dives in pristine conditions as well.  They are equally useful when diving a deep wreck or a long shallow reef ledge.  

Megladon Rebreathers set the tone for what you should expect from a CCR unit.






They are designed for easy repair, easy traveling and easy breathing.  Manufactured in the US, the Megladon Rebreather is the standard used by our US Navy, FBI, and NOAA.  

Instruction on the Megladon Rebreather is no less robust than the unit itself.  Instructors are exceptionally well trained and well versed on the units, typically going above and beyond the required “skill list”.  

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