Purpose of PADI DSAT Tec 45 Course

 PADI DSAT Tec 45 course introduces PADI DSAT Tec 40 divers to the first stages of full, Technical decompression diving. Certified PADI DSAT Tec 45 divers are qualified to make multi stop decompression dives that employ EANx and O2 for accelerated decompression.  The Tec 45 diver will develop the knowledge and skill to use open circuit technical dives to 45 meters/145 feet.


Course overview

  • Use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make multi stop decompression dives with air or EANx and O2 no deeper than 145ft
  • Use a single cylinder of decompression gas up to 100 percent oxygen to add conservatism to the required decompression.

Equipment Requirements

Each diver will be required to have a complete set of personal dive equipment, including:

  •  Double cylinders with a minimum of 121L/70 cubic feet each, with isolator manifold Primary & secondary regulators for doubles or single with appropriate valve
  • One with a seven foot hose for air sharing
  • One with an SPG
  • 1 deco tank with regulator, SPG & staging kit – properly labeled
  • Back-up deco gas as required
  • BC, back plate & harness (dual bladder or dual wings unless drysuit diving)
  • Dive computer (single or multi-gas), and either back-up computer or timer & depth gauge
  • Back-up decompression information (computer, dive tables, etc.)
  • Exposure protection (dry suit use requires prior dry suit diving experience)
  • Weight system (if needed)
  • Lights as necessary, including primary and backup
  • Jon line (for current diving environments)
  • Safety reel and lift bag or DSMB. A suitable DSMB has sufficient buoyancy to help steady a diver during deco
  • Inflatable signal tube, whistle and/or other visual and audible surface signaling device
  • (2) Slates, (1 wrist-type)
  • Compass
  • Z-knife and back-up cutting device
  • Spare clips, pull-ties, tank wrap bands & other rigging accessories
  • Back-up mask (optional)
  • Lift bag (100lbs min)