DG05 Software Update!

Product Awareness Notice

January 2012

Product Affected – DG05 Dive computer
Batch Affected – All units shipped during December 2011.
Function Affected – Display of time remaining at a decompression stop.

Awareness level – Non Critical

Topic:  On the dive screen the DG05 decompression computer displays a decompression time at the next decompression stop/current ceiling. This is displayed in minutes at the appropriate depth. While on the dive screen, a long hold of the right button displays a screen (‘Deco’ screen) that shows all the decompression stops with all the times, on one page.

The reported issue is in the display of the stop time in minutes on the dive screen (not the additional ‘Deco’ screen, which remains accurate). If the decompression time is in excess of 9 minutes (i.e 10 minutes) then the ‘0’ will not be displayed. Hence the display will move from 9 minutes to displaying 1 minute as the time increases instead of the required 10 minutes.

In this example the actual time you will be forced to stay at the decompression stop is still 10 minutes (an early ascent will force warnings). You will not be allowed to violate the decompression ceiling without receiving warnings.

This is only a display issue and does not affect decompression stop calculations. 

The correct ‘Total Time to Surface’ is still displayed on the dive screen as are all the correct times on the ‘Deco’ screen.    As another example, if the time should be 20 minutes then a ‘2’ will be displayed instead of a ’20’. Then the count down will be ‘1’ (instead of 19) and continue to display ‘1’ until the actual time gets to 9 minutes then it will display ‘9’.

Corrective Action A software update is available from factory. Please contact 888-383-DIVE for further information.

2002 Davis Street, San Leandro Ca 94577