Here is a reminder about an update to the PADI TecRec Trimix course first detailed in the First Quarter 2010 Training Bulletin.

Although the diver manual and exam remained unchanged, an additional certification level—Tec 65—was added. PADI Tec Trimix Instructors may continue using the Tec Trimix Instructor Guides for both Tec 65 and Tec Trimix with an addendum (product no. 10166) that details the course changes and provides an additional Knowledge Development segment. Additionally, the update also altered the depth limits for individual training dive depths, specifically dives 5 – 8. The depths for each level are as follows:

Tec 65

Dive Minimum Depth Maximum Depth
Dive One None 10 metres/30 feet
Dive Two 27 metres/90 feet 50 metres/165 feet
Dive Three 30 metres/100 feet 50 metres/165 feet
Dive Four 40 metres/130 feet 55 metres/185 feet
Dive Five 45 metres/150 feet 65 metres/210 feet

Tec Trimix

Dive Minimum Depth Maximum Depth
Dive Six 55 metres/180 feet 70 metres/230 feet
Dive Seven 65 metres/215 feet 80 metres/265 feet
Dive Eight 75 metres/245 feet 90 metres/300 feet