Technical Dive Sites in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach contains numerous reefs and wrecks that qualify as Technical Dive Sites.  Most of our sites are frequently visited by large pelagic creatures like bull sharks, lemon sharks, and large schools of predatory fish (jacks, bonita, etc).  Additionally, our long reef systems (60ft range) allow for long Rebreather dives with minimal decompression obligations.  A sampling of our Technical Dive Sites are listed below.  More complete technical dive site descriptions and photos coming soon!  

Hole in the Wall:  

A beautiful ledge system running in 120-145ft culminating in a “hole” at the end of the reef at a depth of 135ft.  This hole is actually the entrance to a large cavern tunneling through the ledge and exiting on the other side.  Hole in the Wall is known to attract large pelagic visitors including bull sharks and lemon sharks, and Goliath Groupers regularly use the hole as “home base”.  But you’ll also find tropical fish and schools of silversides too.  The ledge leading up to the hole is often stacked with enormous schools of jacks and bonita.  Due to the depths, we require a certification of DSAT 45 or higher, or Advanced Nitrox with Deco Procedures or higher.  Rebreather divers with corresponding certification levels are also welcome.    

ANDE Wreck:

The Ande Wreck sits north of the Lake Worth Inlet in 195ft of water.  This 293ft long coastal freighter is largely intact with the tower starting at a depth of 115ft.  The ANDE is named after Ande Monofilament Fishing Line who sponsored the sinking of the wreck on November 24th, 1996…it was originally called the JED carrier.  You will usually find a very strong north current on this dive site making a quick descent to the bottom ideal.  Large pelagics like bull sharks are frequent guests and we’ve even had reports of the unique Mola Mola encounter.  This is a favorite among local tech divers.

Celtic Crusader aka Supremity, Korimu:

The “Korimu” as she’s now called is a 265′ General Cargo ship sitting in 235ft of water.  Built in the Netherlands in 1970, it’s name was changed to Supremity and later to Korimu before it was sunk as an artificial reef on March 16th 2007.  Also home to large pelagics like bull sharks, the Korimu is well intact and an amazing wreck site.  Be prepared for a strong current and quick descent to “hit” the wreck.    

Classic Barge P6:

The Classic Barge P6 is a 195′ Steel Hopper Barge with an additional 500 tons of concrete.  It was deployed on June 20th, 1989 and resides in 235ft.    

Classic Barge P1:

The Classic Barge P1 is a 195′ Steel Hopper Barge also deployed on June 20th, 1989.  This wreck sits in 275ft of water.  

Sylvina Express:

The Sylvina Express is a 200′ steel ship sunk in 290ft of water on July 18th, 2003.  This wreck is well preserved and sits upright along the ocean floor.  Because of it’s depth, Advanced Trimix is required.    

Skye Cliff:

Skye Cliff is a 317 ft steel cargo ship which sank on November 2nd, 1991 in 200ft of water.     

Vance’s Reef:

150′ barge, 60′ sailboat located in ~215ft of water.

Sea Mist II (Jupiter):

265′ coastal freighter

The Playground:

Although not a shipwreck, the Playground is still an artificial reef loaded with lots of big fish hiding among the rubble.  Located almost straight out of the Lake Worth (West Palm Beach) Inlet, the Playground consists of 1500 tons of concrete culverts.  The Playground is located in 140ft and was created over the course of several years from 1986 to 1993.

Technical Diving Sites South Florida