Explore with us during a Korimu tec charter! Join Pura Vida Divers as we head offshore to explore the 265ft General Cargo ship. She sits in 235ft of water.  The Korimu is home to large pelagic animals, and a particular favorite hang out spot for Bull Sharks.

The Korimu is a well-intact and amazing wreck site. The ship was built in the Netherlands in 1970, and sunk as an artificial reef on March 16th, 2007.  Divers should be prepared for a strong current and quick descent to “hit” the wreck.

Technical charters are NOT led by a guide. Diver should carry a personal lift bag.  There is no down line, so divers must be able to complete deco procedures in a drift environment. All divers MUST show proof of proper certification when they arrive for the charter. 

To register for the upcoming Korimu technical dive charter, contact us at 561-840-8750.

Technical Fills:

Pura Vida Divers offers banked 32%, 34% and 36% Nitrox. Custom blends, including Technical fills up to 100% Oxygen, are also available.

Need Trimix? That’s banked too! We have multiple Trimix blends on hand, each specifically tailored for local diving.

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