New Dive Rite Wings XT Series with Lifetime Guarantee

With the launch of the new XT line, Dive Rite has the toughest line of wings available in the sport diving market. Coupled with the SuperFabric technology, they also launched a new, tough 210 laminated bladder. It’s the same material used in lift bags and surface markers. It’s pinch-proof, poke-proof and snag-proof and, because Dive Rite stands behind this product, they now offer a lifetime warranty on all 2012 model EXP and XT Wings that carry the 210 bladder.

When divers dismantle their wings to clean them, they often ask why the bladder is larger than the outerbag.  Answer…the bladders are bigger than the outerbag to keep stress off of the seams. Due to the restriction of the outerbag, the bladder isn’t able to inflate to its full size. That’s a good thing.  And as a side note, divers don’t need to take their wing apart to clean it. Just run fresh water through it, dump and inflate overnight.